Sedna in capricorn astrology

One of the most important issues that will be dealt with during Pluto's journey through the sign of Capricorn, the winter sign, will be the subject of aging. Material resources, money, the way we deal with power, our desire for status, and our response to security issues will also be paramount in our conscious and unconscious thoughts. Pluto will also impact you through your astrological chart, and through the house in your personal chart he is transiting, based on your ascendant your rising sign.

Pluto in Capricorn

Check below to see what this transit may mean for you. Pluto in the First House: The way you feel about yourself, and the image you project to the outer world will change radically. Your need to be in control of yourself and of your environment will also change, and you may find that your lifestyle alters considerably under this transit. Pluto in the Second House: Your financial status, and what you do and do not find valuable will alter significantly. Your standards and value systems may change dramatically.

Your personal finances may undergo very drastic ups and downs during this transit. Pluto in the Third House: You will begin to think very deep thoughts, and you will start to take a very profound view of the subjects that interest you. Your ability to read between the lines, and understand the nuances and subtleties of how people relate will be considerably enhanced. Your relationship with your siblings and close relatives will undergo a deep transformation and enlightenment. Pluto in the Fourth House: Your relationship with your family of origin, particularly with your mother, or with someone who played a nurturing role for you in your childhood, will take up a lot of your time and attention.

You may decide it's a good time to enter counseling for any childhood traumas you experienced. Pluto in the Fifth House: You may meet your soul mate, and the lover you are destined to be with in this lifetime. Your interaction with your children will become very emotionally fulfilling, albeit very intense at times. Pluto in the Sixth House: Pluto will drastically change your attitude toward your daily routine and to the way you spend your time during the day, especially where your job is concerned.

Your attitude toward your diet and exercise will also be revamped. Pluto in the Seventh House: Your relationship to your life partner, spouse, or live-in domestic partner will alter considerably. The way you view your partnerships in general will undergo considerable change. Pluto in the Eighth House: You will come to understand and acknowledge yourself as a sexual being under this transit, and your sexual desires may change drastically.

You won't hesitate to face your "shadow self," and you may undergo counseling in an effort to understand yourself from a psychological perspective. Pluto in the Ninth House: Your vision of yourself and your place in the world will alter greatly, and you will pursue the deep questions of the universe through your interest in philosophy. You will want to explore every corner of the globe, and get to know people from cultures and religions that are different than your own.

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Pluto in the Tenth House: Your career goals will change, and you may decide to go into a profession that is completely different than the one you trained and studied for. Your status in the world may undergo radical change, and you could find yourself in the public eye, one way or another.

Pluto in the Eleventh House: You will evaluate your personal interpretation of what a friend is, or is not, and of what friendship means in general. You may scrutinize and critique the groups and associations you are a member of and sort and sift through them. Your wishes and hopes will change considerably, and you may become very involved with a cause that affects you deeply. Pluto in the Twelfth House: Your interest in metaphysics will greatly increase, and you may discover that you have untapped reservoirs of intuitive ability under this transit.

You will undergo a very deep spiritual metamorphosis, and you will learn to trust yourself and be your own guide. You may need to be alone to collect your own thoughts, and the idea of solitude will be a welcoming one for you. X OOPS! Please wait while we add the items to your shopping cart Search Results.

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