Scorpio love tarot february 2020

Scorpio 2020 Love Horoscope

The Leader is ruled by the Sun — bold, brilliant and strong. It's easy to feel driven and full of life when you see yourself as ahead of the game and king of the pack. Take a moment to envision yourself in charge of all that you do, and when you've been given more than you can handle, give it up to the one who can - the universe and all the powers that be. The Moon is in the sign of Pisces today. The Moon represents our feelings, the past and our emotional reactions to what is happening in our lives.

While in Pisces we are deeply interested in our emotions but not just the ones that we feel with the heart, but the ones we perceive with the third eye.

Tarot for February The Temperance card - WeMystic

For many zodiac signs, the two and a half-day Pisces Moon-Scorpio Sun transit can lead to an awakening of life, love and perhaps, liberty. A new revelation can move you to pivot where you are now into a direction you never dreamed you'd head. It's also a time of emotional intelligence that lets you live your life as a leader that is intuitive, thoughtful and strong. To find out more, look for your zodiac sign below to find out what's in store for you, according to astrology.

Here is your horoscope for today, Tuesday, November 5, , plus a tarot card. It's hard when life goes and goes from when you get up to when you go to bed, but you need to take some time for you so that you don't become overwhelmed.

Planetary Influences on Scorpio in 2020

That's always the key to relationship success. Two people must both be in love and must both be willing to do the work. Having said that, in you'll begin to notice a unique set of circumstances and they will change the dynamic of your love life.

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Number one on this list is Uranus. In fact, this planet will ultimately be responsible for every other circumstance that crops up in your relationship as well.


Uranus is the planet that, when working happily, makes us come alive again in ways we never thought we were capable of. We feel the spark of excitement that comes with living.

2020 Scorpio Horoscope Overview by decans:

It is a time to conserve for the future. Remember, all good things go in cycles and what is your highest power year of many years can only be followed by a year of lesser. Brilliance, personal power, vision, clarity are all keywords for finances this year. Late in the year, you attract what you have yearned for to give you security and contentment. You are reaping the rewards of past practices.

Horoscopes by Jamie Partridge

If those were healthy, they will continue to be healthy. If they were ill-advised, they will continue to be ill-advised. The health of older persons around you may suffer this year and you may find your focus needs to be on them and no upon yourself.

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If you do push yourself to the limit, however, you will pay for it in ill health. For Scorpios, this is going to be a lucky year. In , the people born under this zodiac sign are fortunate in all respects, and they can achieve wonderful things if this is what they desire.

Tarot for February 2020: The Temperance card

Chances of enrichment will occur from somewhere they never thought possible. But this is not all; a lottery ticker might change their lives.

The single Scorpios might meet someone with whom they can establish a solid, long-term relationship, while the Scorpios who are already involved in stable relationships can expect marriage proposals. However, this transit facilitates consolidation and harmony in marriage for Scorpios. The fall and the end of will be full of joy, especially for the single Scorpios.

If you fancied someone for some time, this is the moment to take action.