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As a child, Imich was a voluminous reader and especially enjoyed the works of Jack London and Joseph Conrad. He pictured himself as an adventurer and as such, decided that his calling was to be a sea captain. To accomplish this dream, he entered Marine School, but had difficulty overcoming the constraints which anti-Semitism put on him. One instructor, for example, declared that any Jews he took with him on his vessel would be left in the middle of the Atlantic.

Imich decided a career change was in order. He developed a strong affinity for the natural world and as such, he went to Krakow to study Zoology at Jagiellonian University in While at Jagiellonian, Imich fell in love with a chemistry student named Genia Mendelsohn, who eventually became his wife. Genia spent several months in the asylum and Imich visited her regularly. While visiting Genia at the asylum, Imich met and fell in love with a young lawyer named Wela Katzenellenbogen who he married in They returned to Poland to find that their parents and various members of their extended family had died in concentration camps.

After this, Imich and Wela moved to France where Imich had a brother. To make a living, Imich initially took up chemistry, but once Wela made for herself a career as a psychologist in , Imich turned to his real passion: parapsychology. Imich had been interested in the paranormal since childhood. By 13, Imich was dabbling with table tilting and with Ouija boards.

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As early as , Imich published an article in the German parapsychology journal Zeitschrift fur Parapsychologie that explained his encounters with a Matylda S. While living in France, Imich began interacting with a network of mystics, yogis and gurus, particularly via the Ramakrisha Vivekananda Order, an organization that dealt in yogic philosophy. Imich has remained active in parapsychology ever since, attending some conferences, delivering speeches at others and judging parapsychology themed essay contests.

Wela passed away in , but Imich continued to live in the same apartment that they had rented in Imich passed away on June 8, , shortly after being named the oldest man in the world at the age of in April The fonds consists of twelve series. The first, biographical, consists of miscellaneous personal papers that Imich has collected over the years, papers and writings of his wife, Wela, and personal journals dating back to In addition to this, the series contains articles written about Imich, some concerning his role as parapsychologist, others concerning his longevity.

The next series, writings, consists of Imich's written articles and publications and all the material related to them including correspondence and abstracts. The writings range in date primarily from , but with some earlier pieces from and the early s.

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The chief work in this collection is Incredible Tales of the Paranormal, a compilation of essays edited by Imich. The series contains various copies of the essays in this compendium, even though they were not written by Imich, as it showcases the editing process.

The third series consists of various essay contests that Imich judged between and , sponsored by various parapsychological organizations. The fourth series, collected typescripts and articles, consist of articles and typescripts that Imich had collected over the years, including works by Rhea White and Larissa Vilenskaya.

The fifth series is a group of subject files which vary from astrology to lost treasure buried in Haiti. The sixth series, lectures and conferences, consists of information relating to the various conferences Imich has attended in his life, primarily in the early and mids, but some as far back as and The seventh series, organization publications, consists of a large collection of publications by various parapsychology organizations between and The series contains the publications themselves along with any material Imich had grouped with them, be it correspondence, notes or otherwise.

The eighth series, correspondence, consists of the many letters and emails which Imich has kept from The correspondence are primarily between Imich and his contemporaries in the world of parapsychology, many of whom are also personal friends. Imich filed his correspondence using three different methods. The first method organizes the correspondence by name, each file correlating to a specific person or organization. This method was primarily used for robust and lengthy correspondence. These are primarily smaller correspondence.

Finally, the third method of correspondence filing is by subject.

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In this category, related correspondence were bound in binders and each binder was assigned a title. The majority of these correspondence are from the s or earlier. Though many binders required two or more file folders to contain their contents, they are treated intellectually as a single file. The tenth series contains books which Imich has collected from to , many of which have inscriptions. The eleventh series contains various pieces of silverware which were bent by Joe A. Finally, the 13th series contains various VHS tapes that Imich had collected, consisting primarily of demonstrations and experiments by Joe A.

Nuzum and taped copies of the television show "The Otherside".

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The fonds is arranged into twelve series: biographical, writings, essay contests, collected typescripts and articles, subject files, lectures and conferences, organization publications, correspondence, IM School of Healing Arts, collected books, artifacts and collected VHS tapes. Papers that were arranged by the creator were kept together, comprising the majority of the fonds. Those papers with less clear organization were removed from their seemingly random order and filed appropriately.

Well, 25 years ago it actually happened. For a few months between spring and summer , at least.

Back in again with — were there any original ideas back in ?! Wow, already this sitcom is off to a hilarious start. The programme lasted six months. It was certainly watchable, which is more than you can say for a lot of the guff on this list. No one said they had the time of their lives watching the Dirty Dancing TV series, which was turned around merely a year after the film ate the world but only lasted 11 episodes and three months.

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At least this Disney adaptation had the good grace to wait almost a decade after the original movie before it became a thing, and it managed to last for three seasons and 66 episodes. Nothing small about that. Oh baby, do we have to talk about this. Oh, and some wannabe by the name of George Clooney also popped up in five episodes. This Canadian production lasted 22 episodes, and toned down the rated mayhem that characterised the first two movies.