Pisces weekly astrology forecast 18 january 2020 michele knight

Spiritual fortitude, bravery and determination push you forward when it comes to uncovering the truth now. You are able to bring fearless insight into any situation as well as the steel of creativity and desire to know more. Especially the inner workings of your mind. You could have a moment or rare illumination on the 3 rd when the Sun in your 9 th angles to Mars and then Neptune on the 5 th.

Capricorn - Horoscope - by Michele Knight

Whether this revelation is what you want remains to be seen but it is what you need to know in order to identify what stands between you, freedom and those big dreams and desires. Once you do see it, act on the information especially after Mercury in your sector of change, heads direct. Paradoxically, this can also be the point you shrug off worries and cares or simply put things back in perspective.

Shifting our thoughts about something is usually all we need to do to transform a problem.

Aries monthly astrology february 12222 michele knight

The first part of the month hands you this unique gift so use it, Aries. The new Moon in your 9 th marks one of the most powerful new beginnings you may have experienced for some time. Especially as it occurs the same day as Mars and Neptune meet in your 12 th. The past blends seamlessly into the present and the future now as something could well arise from it. Travel, embarking on a course of study, news, contracts, overseas contacts, paperwork and something just coming full circle but in a new way, could be set to expand your outlook — and those ideas about what is possible for you in the coming year.

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Just be aware that until it passes out of the shadow period, plans can go back and forth and are also still subject to delay. Bear this in mind especially if you are travelling this holiday season as your 9 th rules long distance travel, airlines and mass transportation. Above all, take a moment as the solstice approaches to celebrate your person achievements and acknowledge how well you have handled things and just how far you have come.

Especially when placed in a larger context over the past seven years. By now you should have embraced who you truly are and your outer appearance as well as your ideas and how you meet the world, should have also shifted along with this. Ask yourself if not now, then when?

Pisces Monthly Astrology Horoscope October 2019

Opportunities and that freedom I mentioned, are yours to claim now as for the first time in 12 years, Mercury meets Jupiter in its ruling 9 th on the 21 st — the same day the Sun arrives in your 10 th. How far can you go in the coming year? Or just how far can those ideas, your talents and abilities take you? And to showcase what is unique about you at the same time.

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No matter where or who this happens to be. Create that wherever you find yourself. Time to heal any issues with family members.

The week ahead for capricorn

Who do you call family? Where are your roots and who or what are you pulled towards? Full Moons always shine on the opposite house to where they appear.

Aries weekly horoscope may 10 2018

So security issues which this one may well stir up, impact on your career. And how this can be used to establish that feeling of stability that makes all other dreams possible — and sustains you at the same time. For the time being however — sentimental you rules this festive season. Give in and share the love. Ruler Mars wants you to end the year on a high note. Mars angles to the North Node in your 4 th of family, home and roots.


Remember, this includes your soul family as well as the one you were born into. Home is that corner of the earth that feels right for you and where you can live your purpose — and again, this may or may not be where you were born or even living now. This is pointing the way to you setting in motion and then fulfilling, a radical and exciting change for And yes, it forms part of your destiny. Along this path you are going to meet people with whom you have made agreements over many lifetimes and all this is aligned to your karma, fate, destiny — whatever you want to call it.

Your way to initiate this cycle is to be uniquely and unashamedly yourself — no matter how radical this may feel to begin with. The gift you can give yourself this season, and one which will bring you the most value is the freedom to do just that.

This is your path to bigger opportunities, travel and freedom in Step past those invisible barriers between you and those big dreams. That's not to say they are slovenly. What you want in a relationship can change with the wind, so you need someone who's adaptable and can go with the flow. This can lead them into thinking they know everything, which they usually do but their mind is too busy to be concerned with fine details.

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