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Unique to you! A misconception about astrology is that it foretells the future and that we have a predestined future. That is not the case at all. We have free will. Astrology can show personality proclivities and talents, and can also show a person's best, most favorable days to stage an initiation. This is determined in accordance with the new and full moon aspects, and other planetary aspects exerting an influence at the time.


If you take no action, however, that aspect will pass, and nothing special is likely to happen. If you work in sync with the universe, you will have better results than if you don't. Astrologers look at the rotation of the various planets and the mathematical angles they make to one another to make forecasts and suggestions. Astrologers glean meaning from those planetary angles by what ancient astrologers observed 2, years ago. Every day brings completely new patterns presented by our solar system, never to be repeated again in time, space or geography.

It will always be up to you to develop the talents and opportunities that are indicated in your natal chart. If you were born in the United States, contact the Department of Vital Statistics in your state capital.

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You will need to ask for a "vault copy" of your birth certificate for that one would be handwritten. State clearly that you do not want the computer version of your birth certificate. Only a vault copy will include the time of your birth. The computer version of your birth certificate will not include your birth time.


If you cannot find the exact time of your birth, try to get as close as you can to whether it's morning, afternoon or evening. It's better to be pretty close than not close at all.

Opportunities are everywhere—seize them and reap the rewards. But keep an eye on your budget when Jupiter stations retrograde on April 10, especially if your spending has increased along with your earnings. Remember that abundance can be sweeter as an elevated figure in your savings account than as a decadent dinner or a luxuriously-outfitted apartment. With the Sun moving through your zone of health, work, and service until April 20, your daily routine and habits come into sharper focus.

Now is the time to improve your work-life balance. Yes, you can have both. Be sure to nurture your mind and body on a daily basis, and carve out time to connect with friends to fulfill your social needs.

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Treat yourself, Sag! As springtime arrives and the Sun heats up your pleasure zone, take your usual after-work dinner and drinks routine to the next level. Your ruling planet, Jupiter, turns retrograde in your self-expression zone on April 10, encouraging you to reflect on how your personal philosophy is evolving.

Take this time to fine-tune that evolution going forward.

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On April 30, disciplined Saturn stations retrograde in your financial zone, forcing you to get real about your resources. Aim for greater balance in your saving and spending habits to relieve financial stress.

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  7. Jupiter begins its backward glide through your subconscious zone on April 10, giving you expansive access to your own inner world. What have you been dreaming about lately, Capricorn? Do some soul-searching to figure out what can be pulled from those hidden depths and integrated into your outward persona.

    While the Sun illuminates your home and family zone, much of this month will be a time for you to focus on personal matters. Take time to really listen to your closest coworkers, one-on-one. This month, the Sun cruises across your personal finances—and when Mercury moves into Aries on April 17, it will prompt smarter money moves. Think about opening a high-yield savings account or starting a Roth IRA to invest in your retirement.

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    When Jupiter retrogrades in your career zone on April 10, try meditating to tap into your inner wells of optimism and self-belief. This is a lucky year for you, careerwise, but in order to successfully manifest the opportunities available, you need to align your belief in yourself with your vision for the future. Who do you want to be known as, Pisces? Where do you see yourself in a year?

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    Use this time to push forward with the most important projects on your agenda. On April 5, a new moon in your sign offers an opportunity to align your image with your long-term career goals. Her key insight: Feedback is crucial. Interested in workspace? Get in touch.