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Astrology From Conservapedia. Jump to: navigation , search. But such pronouncements cannot be true. For looking into the same horoscopes, he must have foretold the same future for Esau and Jacob, whereas the same future did not turn out for them.

A professional astrologer realizes astrology isn’t real – Under the Greenwood Tree

He must therefore speak falsely. If he is to speak truly, then he must read contrary predictions into the same horoscopes. But this would mean that it was not by art, but by chance, that he would speak truly. Categories : Astrology Pseudoscience. Life magazine wrote, Miss Kingsley, 49, married twice, reads in the stars that she will marry again.

I didn't think you needed a link, since you provided it. But here: [2]. Brady contradicts you.

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She says that she wants the stars to have a secondary role in astrology, but that currently they don't:. I think it's fair to say that the stars play, at best, a minor role. And that is ironic, if you think that astrology is "reading the stars", which most people seem to.

As for you latest bout in this edit war, you say that we've had a "full discussion". We haven't. You've discussed, I've pointed out that several of your references disagree with you, and you've basically ignored it. We haven't had any outside opinion. Also, with the general principal that when explaining s.

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I've never heard of astrology factoring in the weather; I thought it was supposed to be beyond such things. And psychology? Astrologers may attempt to explain the mind with the stars, but I'm not aware of them investigating the mind itself, at least not as a defining element of the art. I should have mentioned that earlier.

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Vsmith was right in directing you to dispute resolution; you might want to try Wikipedia:Third opinion or one of the subject noticeboards. I changed 'abstract points in the zodiac' to 'signs of the zodiac'; pls tell me if that meets with your objections. I had already removed 'prophesy' as redundant, per your objections. The lede is supposed to be a summary of the text. Therefore if we say that meteorology is a basic element of astrology, the point should be explained in the text.

Good News: Astrology Doesn’t Impact the Success of Your Marriage

Certainly most readers would have no idea what we're talking about otherwise. These may very well be good additions to make 'numerology' and 'symbolism' don't seem likely to raise any eyebrows, though they seem a bit redundant with 'mysticism' , so let's see if some of our previous editors come back and have any comments.

As for 'basic' astronomy, that does seem to be the case. As far as I can see, astrology makes calculations of orbits and things of similar complexity. In calculating, say, the path of a solar eclipse across the surface of the Earth the math can get involved, but the science itself is rudimentary: nothing more than Kepler's laws and basic optics. That's something we should be able to ref. I've removed your request from the request list at the Third Opinion Project because between somewhere between four and more than six editors are involved in this dispute.

The 3O Project is for simple disputes in which exactly two editors have come to a standstill on a point as to which both of them tacitly admit that they could be wrong. One particularly wise Third Opinion Wikipedian , RegentsPark , once succinctly put the purpose of Third Opinions like this, "It's sort of like if you're having an argument on the street in front of City Hall and turn to a passer-by to ask 'hey, is it true that the Brooklyn Bridge is for sale?

Let me recommend that you do a request for comments or take it to some higher level of dispute resolution. Sorry for the bad advice.

Oresme's definition of astrology as subdivided into five branches: the second of which was the study of the atmosphere and the weather, usually called astro-meteorology. The psychology element can be added as a modern branch which has historical support from the fact that astrologers have always sought to understand the 'soul' as the animating impulse which is similar to principles in Jungian doctrine. Brady makes a good citation regardless of whether I think she's ignorant. My comment was specifically re. I don't want to be accused of trying to own the article or of editing unfairly while the article is protected.

However, if you agree, I'm willing to change wording that we can all agree on, such as changing 'craft' to 'field of study'. This differentiates astrology from astronomy L. All the fathers of modern science were astrologers, like Galileo who was a professor of astrology and mathematics at Padua university, also Copernicus, also Sir Isaac Newton who studied under the astrologer Descartes. How do we think pyramids got built, back when all builders, designers and rulers were astrologers, if therefore not by astrologers? Every time you look at your watch you are paying homage to astrology.

The man who built the Greenwich Observatory, which is the centre of world time, was an astrologer called Flamsteed. His horoscope wheel is embossed prominently on the side of the building, highly visible as you enter. Most of our daily life is rooted in astrological history. If you think astrology is something divorced from the above, that is only what sceptics say who know zilch about it. Sceptics are often mentally challenged bullies, who use an internet presence to deflect from their own personal problems about anger.

Farming was very astrological, because seasons and the calendars to keep track of the seasons were the invention of astrologers. Any farmer is therefore an astrologer; end of story. The business of cold reading and telling fortunes is just that; a consulting business, like the priesthood. But it is not astrology as an astrologer knows it to be.

This is how astrologers survive. By linking science…. Astrology supporters are often bullies too, but what does this pointing this out prove? Aside from the personal attack, your post is a stream of logical fallacy. No ad hominem because I did not name anyone. Nor did I name all. But if the cap fits, wear it. Astrologers seldom attack the sciences. But science mercilessly attacks astrology, probably because astrology always enjoys more far popularity without even trying.

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Not many science pages at the back of tabloids and not many scientists setting up booths at fairs. Are you telling me you have no ancestors?

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Did you suddenly appear? Do not continue defending character attacks on skeptics on this blog if you wish to continue here. Either agree to stop or leave. Many outdated practices were obstacles to the practices that followed. One could make a good case that astrology, like religion, held back astronomy and the sciences, and delayed their benefits to society.

The Optimal Use of Astrology Software

Should we continue taking arsenic too just because it was a predecessor to modern medicine? Do we all necessarily owe our existence to slavery? Is slavery valid because some of our ancestors practiced it? Next time you break a leg or suspect you have cancer, go to an astrologer instead of to a doctor, then. How you perceive the world around you. How you deal with challenges and experiences of everyday life. Your behavior in given circumstances.

The reaction from the astrologers is very telling. No really good arguments, but of course the defector from the gang has every bad quality you may find.

I apologized and re-scheduled. What impresses me are people so certain that they have debunked astrology, but have never ever had a professional reading by a certified astrologer.